VAT & Book keeping Service

All business are required to keep their records for six years for tax purposes. Businesses should  record their daily transactions so that they know exactly


  • how much cash they have on hand or at bank,


  • how much sales the have in any period: daily, weekly, monthly and annually.


  • how much they owe, and


  • how much is owed.


We can study your business systems, indentify the type of records required for your business to comply with statutory and organisational requirements. The same information can be used to compute your VAT.


We can set up the appropriate most effecient system to suit you for you to maintain by providing you with the software or maintain the records for you by providing thr book keeping service in house.


We will apply for registeration of your VAT and advice on the correct VAT scheme. 

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We will be glad to meet you at your location at other times if convenient. 


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